Taz is an officer in the Starship Ranger Corp of the G.L.E.E., the Galactic League of Extraterrestrial Exploration, portrayed by Lauren Lopez in Starship.

It is implied that Taz knew Commander Up before she joined the Starship Ranger Corp, due to the fact that he fought off attacking robots her Quinceañera. She also fought in the Robot Wars with Commander Up, where he saved her from robots.


Taz is small and of a relatively short stature. She is heavily implied to be of Hispanic descent. Throughout the play, she wore a red bandana, a white wife-beater, and camo pants. She has also been shown to carry equipment such as a zapper, a small knife, and dog tags. She has a high, black mohawk with two strands of hair falling out on both sides of her face.


Taz is shown to be extremely tough and athletic. She is not at all reluctant to kill, and comes off as a person one should not mess with. She can be somewhat overprotective of Commander Up, physically fighting people when they insult him. She has also stabbed those whom she deems are not tough enough for her. She has even ripped off Commander Up's moustache because he was "too soft".


In the Starkid "Chat of Doom" Joe Walker and Lauren revealed that Taz is actually quite young; it is likely that she is in her teenage years.

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