Miss Cooter is a character from Me and My Dick. She represents Sally's genitals. Throughout the plot, she falls in love with Dick, and eventually, the two are united when Joey falls in love with Sally. She is portrayed by Devin Lytle.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Miss Cooter is noted for her beauty and youth. She is also described by Dick as having "long, flowing hair". She wears a light pink dress with a magenta flower above her shoulder, and pink flowers in her hair.


Miss Cooter is shown to be somewhat naive, but is kind and good-hearted. She is very determined, as shown by when she refuses to give up on loving Dick. For this reason, she also seems to be a romantic.



Miss Cooter cares deeply for Sally, and is very concerned with her well-being and doing what's right for her. She is Sally's means of moral support, and does her best to help Sally throughout the story. This feeling is mutual, as Sally is shown to be very proud of Miss Cooter and is quick to defend her from anyone questioning her.


"Sally: Did you just fly in through the window? Miss Cooter: No, you're crazy, go back to sleep."