Little White Lie
Written by Chris Allen
Eric Kahn Gale
Matt Lang
Nick Lang
Directed by Eric Kahn Gale
Nick Lang
Music by Chuck Criss
Darren Criss
Mark Swiderski
Grant Anderson
Cast Elona Finlay
Chris Allen
Darren Criss
Lauren Lopez
Nick Lang
Brian Holden
Meredith Stepien
Jim Povolo
Other Non-credited/Unknown Extras

Little White Lie is a webseries produced by Team Starkid in 2007, starring Elona Finlay, Chris Allen, Darren Criss, and Lauren Lopez. The story ends with a cliffhanger at the end of Season 1. It was announced later that there would be no more seasons of the series.

Synopsis Edit

The series begins in a cafe in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sami Reese (Elona Finlay) and her brother Duder (Chris Allen) are preforming a song for customers in the cafe (Don't Play a Riff on My Heartstrings). After the number, Sami asks the listeners if there are any requests for songs. An audience member shouts, "You suck!"

After realising that they are nearly out of time to sign up for the school's Battle of the bands contest they rush to the school. After getting in they realise they need help if they want to win, so they put up audition posters throughout the area.

During the auditions for Reese's Pieces nobody turns up. Only at the end, does Kevin Bushwald (Nick Lang) appear, but he is too nervous to play anything, resulting in Sami becoming impatient. Kevin then runs away and Sami closes the garage door. Both Sami and Duder then hear a loud crash outside. Startled, they open the door, only to find that Kevin had been hit by a car.

At the hospital, Kevin's aunt informs them that Kevin is in a coma and invites them to her house for a meditating session later, an offer which the Reese siblings reluctantly accept. Back at their house a police officer arrives and investigates Kevin's hit and run incident.

When they arrive at Kevin's house, they awkwardly join his aunt and the other guests in a meditating session. After a while, they begin to feel uncomfortable; they then try to find a back door, so that they can secretly leave the house to go home. During their search for the door, they stumble into what looks like a recording studio. They find CDs consisting of Kevin performing his own original songs. They realize that, contrary to Sami's previous assumptions, Kevin is very talented at writing and performing music. As they leave the house, Sami takes Kevin's sheet music with them.