Clark Alan Baxtresser (born August 19th, 1988) is an American singer, songwriter, and musician from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is a music director, songwriter, and keyboard/piano player for Team StarKid and is a member of the bands, TalkFine and Jim and the Povolos.

He provides music for many StarKid shows, including Me and My Dick (2009), A Very Potter Sequel (2010), Starship (2011), A Very Potter Senior Year (2012), Ani: A Parody (2014), Trail To Oregon (2014), and A Very Starkid Reunion (2015). He had a small cameo in Ani: A Parody. With most of his fellow StarKids, he attended the SPACE Tour, Apocalyptour, Starkid Takes Manhattan, and Geekycon.

Baxtresser grew up with his older brother, Dean, his father, Robert, and his mother, Gretchen, who was a public school music teacher. Baxtresser graduated from Pioneer High School in 2006. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 2010. During his time at UoM, he met Team StarKid. He currently lives in a flat in Brooklyn, New York with his best friend and TalkFine member Pierce Siebers.

In 2015, Baxtresser made his acting debut as Evan, the lead role in #LoveStory, a musical directed by Todd Ritch in New York City.


• Many members of Starkid call him 'Cool Clark' and the 'musical badass'

• Clark has been described as the most 'supermegafoxyawesomehot' member of StarKid by Meredith Stepien and Lauren Lopez.

• Clark used to want to be an opera singer.

• He was his brother's best man at his wedding.

• Clark would love to collab with Rufus WainWright.

• If he could create any icecream flavor it would be Caeser Salad.

• Clark is in a relationship with another fellow Michigan graduate.

• He once recieved a selfie stick for Christmas

• He is very tall.

• His favorite fast food place is McDonalds

• Clark met most of Team StarKid at the University of Michigan, through 'Me and My Dick'