Bug is an alien bug from the planet Bug World in the musical Starship portrayed by Joey Richter. He is fascinated by humans, and later joined the Starship Rangers.

Prior to becoming a Ranger, Bug spent most of his spare time with his best friend Roach, exploring a crash-landed starship, and yearning to travel into outer space. Via videos from the crashed starship, he learned 'human language'. Despite his ambitions, he is assigned to the mundane job of "Egg-Planter" by the Overqueen.

While doing his job, he meets and rescues the human Science Officer February. She was temporarily blinded, and assumed that he was a Starship Ranger that survived the crash several years ago. Bug falls in love with February, but are soon seperated when she is collected by Mega-Girl. He makes a deal with Pincer to become human and join up with the Starship Rangers if he brings the humans back to his lair, oblivious to the fact that Pincer does not want to befriend them, but to eat their brains.

Later, when Bug's human body dies in the conflict resulting in Pincer's demise, he woke up on Bug Planet in his original bug form, and the Overqueen, seeing his dedication, allows him become a Starship Ranger.

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