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Written by Matt Lang
Nick Lang
Directed by Matt Lang
Music by Clark Baxtresser
Pierce Siebers
Cast Chris Allen
Joe Walker
Denise Donovan
Brian Holden
Julia Albain
Eric Kahn Gale
Joe Moses
Nick Lang
Meredith Stepien

Ani is a play with music written by Matt Lang and Nick Lang with music by Clark Baxtresser and Pierce Siebers.

The musical parodies Star Wars. "Ani" refers to Anakin Skywalker.

The musical was performed between July 3 and August 10, 2014, at Stage 773 in Chicago, Illinois. It ran for a total of 22 performances, and was performed in repertory with The Trail to Oregon!. The group put the entire musical up on YouTube on October 31, 2014. The musical's cast recording was released on iTunes the same day. The cast recording reached #4 on Billboard's Comedy Albums the week of November 22, 2014.

Synopsis Edit

Act I Edit

The show opens with Darth Vader facing away from the audience. A voiceover plays over of an announcer (Brian Holden) narrating the win of Ani at a pod race. An Inperial officer (Eric Kahn Gale) comes in and prompts him, calling him "Lord Vader". Vader turns around and tells the officer to call him "Ani" (Chris Allen). The officer asks Ani how he's doing and Ani replies that he was looking out into space, thinking about the good old days. He wistfully adds that the thing about the good old days is that you don't know that you're in them until they're gone. Ani asks why he came around and the officer tells him that he's late for a meeting with other Imperial officers.

Act II Edit

Cast and characters Edit

Actor/Actress Character
Chris Allen Anakin "Ani" Skywalker
Joe Walker Moff Tarkin
Denise Donovan Mara Jade
Brian Holden Jar Jar "J.J." Binks
Julia Albain Emily the Stormtrooper
Eric Kahn Gale Sebulba
Joe Moses Boba "Bob" Fett / Veers
Meredith Stepien Oola
Nick Lang Emperor "Pappy" Palpatine /

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Every actor also played various characters as part of the ensemble.

Musical numbers Edit

Act I
  • "Ani"
  • "Long Ago And Far Away"
  • "Strike Back"
  • "With My Own Eyes"
Act II
  • "The Force (You Got It)"
  • "Haunted By The Kiss"
  • "One In A Million"
  • "Back On Top"